CUSTOMIZATION DESIGN original coffee cupping spoon

販売価格: ¥3,300(税込) ¥4,827(税込)
価格: ¥3,300 (税込) ¥4,827 (税込)
One Logo(+1500 JPY):
Printing character:


Have a good time with your original coffee cupping spoon!

Cupping of good coffee with friends is fun, isn't it?

In the case of cupping with many people, we may often lost our spoon and encounter to mix up your spoon with your friends.

That's why this original cupping spoon will help you!

Writings on each spoon are beautiful -- special requests had been made to craftsmen whom specialized in sand blast processing in Seto City in Aichi Japan (this is where we live and is famous for pottery and glass.)

※Sandblast: a decorative method by blasting air or steam laden with sand over hard surface.

The spoon on the picture above is made of stainless steel.

※Coffee cupping spoon is a tool used by coffee professionals in the time of tasting.

  Stainless steel
No logo(Only as for the alphanumeric character and the number) 3,240 JPY
One logo and the alphanumeric character and the number 4,740 JPY

The number of characters is as follows
・about 10 points for 22 characters
・about 15 points for 15 characters

A font of letters is like pictures at the bottom of this web page.

How to Place an Order?

You will receive a designing plan after your request.
Please kindly confirm and I will start producing.

A delivery date: for about 2 weeks after your design is decided.

Discount patterns
10 % by more than 5 spoons
20 % by more than 10 spoons
There are no discounts of the price at any more case.
In the case you ordered together, the design, everything, it's dispersive, I'll discount it.

Insert of a Logo: additional of 1,500 yen will be charged.

One Spoon in which only one logo is inserted without letters like under the picture would cost 1,500 yen separately.

For example
5 spoons with a logo: 3240 JPY x 5 x 90 % + 1500 JPY = 16,080 JPY (3216 JPY for 1)

The material: Stainless (18-8).
Size: Length 158mm,width 44mm

A font will be these alphanumeric.

  • 今日
  • 定休日
  • 臨時休業